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History - english version

Hockey club HC Čeští Letci was founded in Nová Paka and its name would refer to a legacy of not only local but all Czech military pilots , their courage and bravery . Club logo remarkably resembles the logo of the Philadelphia Flyers. The Club which I support from youth. The similarity is not accidental but the three wings in our Club logo symbolize three RAF pilots from Nová Paka: Otakar Hrubý, Stanislav Fejfar, Adolf Vrána . Orange-white-black circle refers to a sign located on allied aircrafts in the 2nd World War.

The first meeting in order to show the intention of "founding a new Club" took place in Ježkův statek in 19.12.2010 in Nová Paka with the participation of Petr Čepek, Martin Kohút, Pavel Kohút a Michal Tlapák. At the beginning of the year 2011, the application has been made establishing civic associations on HO with the subsequent approval at 31. January 2011. Civic association HC Čeští Letci was founded by - Petr Čepek, Martin Kohút, Michal Tlapák a Petr Bílek.

After approval of the civic association comes designing  the first jersey. Jersey bore the name of Tomáš Syrůček from Hradec Králové with number "77" . After detailed consideration the sign Čeští Letci placed above the team logo was removed and for the final version to be placed below the number on the back of the jersey. Martin Kohout arranged fabrication of
 "Little logo" with a symbol of an aircraft and sign HC Czech Airmen which is then placed on the right side of the large logo.


A test website was launched under webnode.cz in January 2011 and an order for creating profesional website from FY eSports was placed in February. This website was launched on the 16th September 2011.

The first meeting of players took place on 21 May 2011 at 14:00 in the restaurant at Zimák in Lomnice n.Popelkou . During the meeting were present players were introduced to the functioning of the club and its technical background. Players were photographed already in their own jerseys.

17th September 2011 on the hockey stadium in Lomnice nad Popelkou an initial training took place where Letci gathered in almost a complete line-up.

Lomnická hokejová liga | Sobota 12.03.2016, 19:45
HC Čeští Letci - Sokol Těpeře
1:6 (1:0, 0:3, 0:3)
Lomnická hokejová liga | Úterý 08.03.2016, 20:15
HC Čeští Letci - Sokol Těpeře
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